Who are we

Public Affairs Centre is a non-profit think tank established in 1994 and dedicated to mobilizing a demand for good governance in India. The focus of PAC is primarily in areas where citizens and CSOs can play a proactive role in improving governance. PAC has designed a number of leading-edge tools which aim at facilitating citizen-monitoring of public service delivery and our most well-know innovation, the Citizen’s Report Card (CRC), has received much acclaim globally. PAC is currently in the process of reviewing the CRC to add dimensions of system reform and process re-engineering to improve its capabilities as an instrument of change.

PAC’s uniqueness lies in synthesizing research and action in its activities and approaches. Its research aims to provide a stimulus for action and its action, in turn, is powered by knowledge derived from research. PAC’s work is primarily organized around the premise that an informed and active citizenry is the key to improved governance.

In recognition of PAC’s unique position in the constellation of organizations working towards policy reform and social change through citizen-centred governance, PAC has been selected as a grantee of the IDRC’s Think Tank Initiative in South Asia, 2010.

To know more visit: www.pacindia.org

Partnership for Transparency Fund

The Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) was established in 2000 with the goal of helping citizens to fight corruption and meet citizen demand for good governance. At PTF we believe that improved governance – greater accountability, responsiveness to citizens and transparent public activities – is critical to achieving participatory governance and improved development outcomes. PTF envisions societies where citizens succeed in making their government free of corruption.

Civil society has an important role to play in the development of anti-corruption and good governance programs, and it can play this role more effectively if it is independent, financially, from government or direct bilateral or multilateral funding. This is where PTF adds value to the process. Through technical and financial support, PTF empowers Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to play an effective role in the design, implementation and monitoring of anti-corruption activities.

PTF views CSOs as important innovators, agenda setters, mobilizers, and monitors in achieving this vision. Our goal is to work with CSOs to pilot new mechanisms and approaches to improve transparency and accountability of public agencies. PTF supports projects that give voice to civil society, demonstrate the value of constructive partnerships between government and civil society, and result in capacity building through action learning.

To know more visit: www.ptfund.org