Dear CSO partner:

Please find enclosed the timetable for peer review visits. We request you to block those dates accordingly. We request the CAC head to represent each organisation in the peer review.
Travel arrangements needs to be made accordingly too – immediately. The simplified review format will follow for reference. In case you have any queries, please do write to us.

The last leg of the peer review will have all the CSO partners present in Orissa on Feb 21st and 22nd. This would be followed up with thecluster workshops on 23, 24 and 25 Feb in Bubaneshwar, so that the learinings are captured instantly and to save the travel again. The themes for the 3 day workshop are:

1st day:
– Understanding the role of panchayat raj institutions and urban local bodies in the implementation of national schemes (NREGS, PDS, NRHM & SSA) and avenues for constructive engagement.
– Documentation for Media and strategies for media engagement in CAC interventions.
2nd Day:
– RTI as a creative tool in CAC interventions.
– Financial accountability in CSOs in the new FCRA regime.
3rd day:
– CAC baselines, methods used to establish them and learnings AND Documentation of peer review learnings, strategies used to address political economy and other challenges, etc.,
– Advocacy strategies/techniques.

Each theme would include a intro/presentation, discussion and hands on activities spread across 3-4 hours (hald day sessions). The venue will be communicated in due course of time.

More details will follow.
We look forward to your suggestions/feedback. 


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